A good fixed income, safely, but also enable employment-generation and entrepreneurship in these trying times.

The Kitchen Stories System is offering franchise opportunities for up to 7 of their outlets to would-be-entrepreneurs.

ESSENTIAL PRODUCT – KS Franchise deals with food – a basic requirement.
HIGH VALUE – KS provides high-quality food at a very reasonable price.
VERIFIED SOURCE – KS provides all food from own kitchens unlike aggregators (Swiggy, Zomato, FHRAI, …) where quality and hygiene are hard to gauge
SAFE FOOD – High-quality, natural ingredients and No Class-2 Preservatives, MSG, artificial flavours/colours
FULL STACK SERVICES – Nobody else provides every kind of fresh cuisine from a single source – Groceries, Ready-to-eats, Party Orders, Subscription Diets, Bakery, Patisserie, Travel Food
FULL RANGE – Dine-in (Restaurants, Bar, Kiosks, Cafes, Bistros, Drive-ins, Ayurvedic Centre, …), Takeaway, Delivery, Gifting, …
OWN DELIVERY CREW – No contract employees for delivery – all permanent staff
ODC – From Crockery, Cutlery, Chafing Dishes, Furniture, Service Staff, … to any kind of menu – all in-house

  1. HIGH-QUALITY BRAND – Kitchen Stories is identified with Olde Bangalore, one of Bangalore’s most-admired hospitality brands, especially well known for great, safe food and hygiene
  2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP POTENTIAL – for young people and the retired (Late-life Entrepreneurship)
  3. LOW FRANCHISE ENTRY COST – Just Rs.35 Lakhs for a Café
  4. LOW FRANCHISOR FEE – Just Rs.10 Lakhs (included in Franchise Entry Cost)
  5. FULLY MANAGED – All operations, equipment, logistics and staff costs are paid by KS, enabling the franchisee to concentrate on driving sales beyond the minimum revenue threshold, even remotely
  6. HIGH MINIMUM GUARANTEED INCOME (MGI) – 14% per annum (a great replacement for Fixed Deposit Income)
  7. LOW REVENUE THRESHOLD FOR MGI – Only Rs.5 Lakhs per month
  8. MULTIPLE REVENUE SOURCES – Beyond what the franchise sells from its physical premises, franchisees can also take orders for Parties, Celebrations, Monthly Groceries, Vacations, Ayurvedic Treatment, … to augment revenue
  9. HIGHER INCOME POTENTIAL – Revenue beyond Rs.8 Lakhs per month enables the franchisee to retain 5% of this additional revenue as bonus
  10. TRAINING – All Franchise-owners / their nominated representatives receive 100 hours (15 days) of residential, in-house entrepreneurship training by industry experts at the Olde Bangalore Resort – the KS Headquarters ( www.oldebangalore.com )

Call the Company Franchise Head on +91 9731201840 and fix up a face-to-face / video-call.