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Capt. Dinesh Nayar

From the diverse, kaleidoscopic background of Air Force Pilot, Airline Captain, Leadership Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Evangelist and Hospitality Operator. A product of the National Defence Academy, he has also taught at his alma-mater. Founder of the Olde Bangalore Resort and Sunlit Food Solutions.

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Mr Shyam Mohan

A Gold Medallist from the Oberoi School of Management, he has been responsible for setting up and growing several large-scale agro-food initiatives. At Essar group, he headed the Property Management, Travel, Aviation services and Floriculture Exports verticals. As President and MD (India & ME) for Griffith Foods Inc, the global food ingredients giant, he was responsible for growing this new market and establishing a world-class factory in Bangalore which services domestic and export markets. He is also the Founder of Tier1 Networks and Tier1 Foods. A graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, he has established large-scale Farm-Farmer initiatives in several countries with Griffiths Sustainably Sourced and Tier1. His great interest is in connecting small-holding farmers with global markets and ensuring better returns for farmers and safe food for consumers.

Kitchen Stories team

Chef Baranidharan Pacha

A Gold Medallist Chef from the Oberoi School of Management, he has been Executive Chef at several of the best Oberoi Hotels and Resorts across the world as well as a teacher at his alma-mater. As an expert in Food Services, Food Production and Global Cuisine, he also headed the food-services development vertical at Griffith’s Laboratories. Founder of Tier1 Foods, he has rich experience working at the top in over 35 countries on diverse kinds of cuisine. He has also been advisor to several of the biggest food-brands in India in helping them scale-up and thrive.

Ajay Nadkarni

Mr Abhay Nadkarni

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, and an MBA in Marketing and Systems from IIM Bangalore. With over 30 years’ experience, in FMCG, Food Distribution, Retail, and Food Service, he has worked in diverse markets like Asia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and with MNCs like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and Sony. He has been part of leadership teams that either launched or grew, in various Asian and ME market, well known brands like Wall’s Ice cream, Flora Margarine, Nutro Biscuits, Laura Ashley Retail, Central Perk Cafes & Accam Tea, amongst others.