Nothing brings people together like good food and we want to do just that! Brain child of Captain Dinesh Nayar, Kitchen Stories was born out of the sheer need to help people during the pandemic that struck us. With the shutting down of offices and schools and people locked up in their homes, food became the one thing that everyone missed the most. Juggling household chores and office work and with the mounting fear of eating outside food, we felt the need to step in to bridge that gap. Moreover, people were also scared to order food online.

Order food online - Safest, Hygienic and Tastiest Food Delivered to your Homes

Nothing brings people together like good food and we want to do just that! 

Hygienic and Quality food is what we are most passionate about. When talking about Kitchen Stories, it’s almost impossible to not talk about Olde Bangalore, the actual impetus behind this new offering. The experience and learnings of running Olde Bangalore gave us the edge and much needed confidence to quite literally gallop into this ‘Premium Food Delivery’ venture, enabling you to order food online in its most meaningful & wholesome way. Safety, Hygiene, Quality, Convenience has always been synonymous with Olde Bangalore and needless to say it gets transcended with Kitchen Stories. We are a small group of people whose sole aim is to help you make memories and stories with our food in your kitchen, hence Kitchen Stories!