Sustainable Stories in Sourcing & Serving Delicious Food

We need sustainable practices in today’s world, don’t you think so?

Earlier, restaurants were all about amazing recipes and customer services. Today, it is all that and some more. The world needs more. Our world needs sustainability and respect for the planet.

At Kitchen Stories, we are also contributing to the environmental weave of the society. And how do we do that?

  1. Cook with produce of the season: When mother earth is abundant in her sharing with us, why don’t we make use of that? That’s exactly what we are doing at Kitchen stories. Cook with the season!
  2. Tie up and buy from local vendors: As the mall culture takes on and as we all become global, we – at Kitchen Stories are trying to do what we can with local vendors. We tie up with local vendors who have fresh and authentic produce.
  3. Use reusable and recyclable cutlery: We do not want to add to the landfills. We understand that sometimes it happens and we make a very conscious effort to not contribute to the waste that is piling up around us. We use sustainable packaging in our space. We do not want our stories to leave a whole lot of waste.
  4. Make our own produce: We are so crazy about creating our own stories, that we also have stories from the gardens. We try to make our own fresh produce. Yes! We’ve been plucking our own avocados! How cool is that?
  5. A Team that is passionate about the cause: Yes, sustainability is our motto apart from great food and food-related memories. Our staff ensures that they do their bit to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Order in and enjoy our food whose larger story is all about the planet. After all, we all have only one planet to live on for now, isn’t it? Enjoy it with our food!

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