Just because Valentine’s Day has just gone by, it doesn’t mean we stop celebrating! In fact this is just the time we need to begin celebrating ourselves! Remember, Dr. Seuss’s words – “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting! So get on your way!” So, as your mountain is waiting and as you begin your journeys, sit back and take a bite of heaven thanks to Kitchen Stories‘ online dessert delivery !

Dutch Chocolate Truffle Cake

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the eye-capturing, mouth-watering versions of Dutch chocolate! They are the king of cakes here at Kitchen Stories. This is an all-time favourite amongst many. The bitter-sweet chocolate, the luxurious layers and the ravishing ganache with chocolate flakes – you deserve all this and more.

Double Chocolate Fudge with Caramel Brownie

Isn’t chocolate tempting enough that we have caramel also in this recipe! How blissful is that! This creamy and melting celebration is more than just a dessert. This is not just luscious, but the flavour of the golden caramel just pops out. This is a must-try. Don’t miss it!

Blue Berry Cheese Cake

This rich, creamy and sweet dessert is celebration on a plate itself. This cheesecake along with the sweet and sour blueberries, tells us a whole new story! And we ought to indulge in this story because we all have one of our own, isn’t it?

Red Velvet Cake with Orange Zest and Vanilla Cream

This popular flavour has been taken to the next level at Kitchen Stories. It is not just another red velvet cake. This one deserves complete attention as you savour it. The red velvet cake here is both elegant and divine – made from cocoa powder, butter milk and that tinge of maroon food colouring.

Death by Chocolate

This extremely popular flavour is a favourite at Kitchen Stories. Featuring various elements in chocolate flavour, this one is a must-try ! Death by chocolate is a rich, scrumptious, delicious and awesome dessert.

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