Safety is not expensive, it's Priceless!

Bangalore's finest 'Premium' food-delivery service with ’Non-Premium-Prices’


Safety, Hygiene, Quality and Convenience has become the order of the day for ordering food. Olde Bangalore is synonymous with each of these words and has been for the past 15 years. Now, Olde Bangalore, through Kitchen Stories, brings its high quality, uncompromisingly exquisite food to your doorstep!

Food service using freshest natural ingredients
State-of-the-art Kitchen

We are so crazy about eating fresh and eating right that we have been plucking our own avocados and making sure they reach you in a delectable form!

Kitchen Stories -Hygienic Delivery Team for Food Delivery Service
Own Crew Delivery

We make sure that no one else comes in the way of our food and you, so we have our own crew. Yes, we are that crazy! 

Hygienic Kitchens for Food Delivery Service
Hygienic Kitchen

They say, Hygiene is two thirds of health, so we are truly unapologetic for being ‘Hygiene Maniacs’. It’s just second nature for us!

Kitchen Stories -Environmental Food Delivery ackage
Smart Packaging

We took it beyond just food and made sustainable packaging too. You are sure to fall in love with everything about Kitchen Stories.

Not To Miss! Large Portion Sizes

Fatafat Menu

A short & sweet menu to order some irresistible food !

Party Menu

We can’t wait to share our food. Let’s know 24 hrs in advance !

Happy Customers! Now Your Turn
The Yelahanka Spread

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